Can a night of passion lead to a happily ever after?

Yakuza captain Hayato’s life is a mess. His boyfriend broke up with him, changed the locks, and kept all his stuff. He can’t crash at his brother’s, because his girlfriend is moving in. And just when Hayato thinks things can’t worse, he accidently gets blackout drunk and wakes up in the arms of a clingy underling.

Masuo believed he and his boss had made a deep connection, but when he’s blown off the next morning, he feels lied to. Assigned to run a failing pachinko parlor, Masuo is determined to turn it around to prove himself to everyone… especially his sexy superior.

As Hayato realizes he’s falling for the inept parlor manager, he slows things down to protect his already damaged heart. The harder Masuo tries to get close, the more Hayato pulls away.

Can the unlikely pair learn to accept one another and make their way to happiness? 

If you like unique settings, spicy encounters, and heartwarming connections, then you’ll adore Amy Tasukada’s alluring tale. The only way to read is to sign up for the monthly serial.




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